Border Terriers

Are Border Terriers aggressive?

By Abigail Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Are Border Terriers aggressive?

Are Border Terriers aggressive

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Are Border Terriers snappy?

No. Border Terriers are extremely good natured. Snappy is considered aggressive behaviour.

Border Terriers rarely display aggressive behaviour. An attack, an attempted attack or threats of attack all fall within the realm of aggressive behaviours and should be addressed appropriately no matter the breed of the dog.

That said, Border Terriers are good alarm barkers but may bark excessively when bored.

Do Border Terriers bite?

No. Most Border Terriers rarely show extreme aggressive behaviours such as biting, snarling and lunging.

That said, both genetics (nature) and experience (nurture) contribute to behaviour, and behaviour can often be influenced by learning. Border Terriers are extremely keen learners.

More specifically, leanrning influences the more voluntary goal-directed behaviour, whereas nurture provides certain reflexes and general tendencies. Border Terriers are not biters, but you cannot have one without the other.

The breed of a dog usually comes with a certain biological makeup that includes the certain aggressive tendencies but all aggressive behaviour is adaptive. And besides, aggressive behaviour is just behaviour, obeying the same rules as all other behaviour.

At what age do Border Terriers calm down?

Border Terriers do not calm down with age. Like all true terriers, this is an extremely active breed that requires vigorous daily exercise.

Although morning and evening walks will be enjoyed, walks alone are nowhere near sufficient. A Border Terrier needs to play agility games such as catch and fetch, train in agility sports or participate in canine sports.

All exercise, games, and training should be on leash or in a fenced yard. As the Border Terrier Club of America says, “The Border Terrier is an instinctive hunter and cannot be trusted off leash in an unfenced area at any time”.

The Border Terrier is well suited to an active owner who likes canine games and sports or at least enjoys playing with the dog. It needs a daily outlet for its energy or it will become unhappy and destructive.

Are Border Terriers good family dogs?

The Border Terrier has become an extremely popular pet because since it tends to be more cooperative and more tolerant of small children and other dogs than other terriers. The Border Terrier and the sparky Jack Russell are among the best known of various small working terrier breeds now enjoying popularity as pets.

The Border Terrier is good with children, as long as the they are not too rough. They also get along with other dogs (it has been bred to act closely with other dogs and will be more friendly than usual when meeting other kinds of dogs) and will live nicely with the family cat if raised with the cat.

A Border Terrier should not never be trusted with strange cats or other smalls pets. Owners often left these dogs to find their own food, so they developed a strong hunting drive. A Border Terrier will view small pets as prey.

The breed has the courage and stamina to work all day and in all weather making it an excellent working farm dog. It is also very adaptable to city living.

How to calm down a Border Terrier

Perhaps the best way to calm down any active and energetic dog breed is to tire it out with vigorous daily exercise.

Early training can help channel the breed’s tendency to be busy. This is also a very intelligent breed that thrives with varied and fun training.