Burmese Cats

Can You Let Burmese Cats Outside?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Can you let burmese cats outside?

Can You Let Burmese Cats Outside

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Are Burmese cats indoor or outdoor cats?

Burmese cats are perhaps one of the most popular indoor breeds in the world.

Like the Birman breed, Burmese cats are said to have been the original guard cats for the Burmese temples — brown cats are reported to have existed in the Far East, particularly Thailand and Burma, hundreds of years ago but as with many traveller’s tales, fact and fiction tend to get a bit muddled up.

Burmese are extremely playful cats.

Perhaps surprisingly for an indoor cat, Burmese cats love to play fetch so much that they have in the past been called “dog cat” due to their ability to retrieve and their loyalty to their owners.

Do Burmese cats wonder?