Burmese Cats

Can Burmese Cats Jump High?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Can burmese cats jump high?

Can Burmese Cats Jump High

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How high can a Burmese cat jump?

All cats have amazing leaping skills. With incredibly powerful back legs and a low body weight, most cats are capable of jumping six times their body weight gracefully and with pinpoint accuracy.

When preparing to jump, they crouch like a coiled spring. Leaping from the crouched position increases kinetic energy for the jump taking full advantage of their powerful hind legs. When landing a cat pulls themselves up gripping with her claws.

These leaping skills are a carry-over from when they used them to hunt in the wild.

Do Burmese cats climb?

Burmese cats love climbing. They love huge vertical climbs and leaps especially when playing fetch or hunting mice.

Are Burmese cats good house cats?

Burmese cats are excellent indoor house cats.

Use the following tips to make your home climb-safe and jump-safe for a Burmese cat:

Tip #1 — Cover your stoves to prevent burns

Never leave your stove without a lid on to prevent accidents. Burmese cats love to leap and jump.

Tip #2 — Use childproof latches

Burmese cats are inquisitive by nature, so invest in a few childproof latches to prevent them exploring high food cabinets, china cabinets and generally anywhere you don’t want them to jump and crawl into.

Tip #3 — Close your washing machine

Keep the door of your washing machine closed at all times.

Tip #4 — Lock away toxic substances

Some substances routinely found in and around your home are toxic to cats and could be potentially fatal if ingested. Lock away substances such as cleaning products, antifreeze, human painkillers completely, putting them in high places won’t work.

Tip #5 — Choose your decorative plants wisely

Some decorative house plants and flowers such as poinsettia, mistletoe, and lilies should be kept out of reach of Burmese cats. You might need to consult your vet for a more comprehensive list.

Tip #6 — Close your windows with latches, your cat should use a cat flap

Make sure your cat is using a cat flap to get in and out of the house, also make sure the windows are closed or on a latch to prevent accidental falls.

How fast can a Burmese cats run?

What is the personality of a Burmese cat?

Even though Burmese cats are a very popular breed, they are not one for the faint-hearted for a couple of reasons:

They are extremely affectionate

Burmese cats are a particularly affectionate breed they thrive on human companionship demanding near-constant attention.

Their loyalty to their favorite person and their ability to retrieve are so prominent that they’ve been called the “dog cat”. They tend to have a favorite person.

They are placid as mature cats and love warm places, making them the perfect lap or shoulder cat. They will however follow their favorite person around the house constantly.

They do not like being left alone

Burmese cats do not like being left alone at all. Although no cat should be left alone for more than 24 hours, Burmese cats cannot tolerate being left alone at all. They can however be left with another pet such as a cat or dog for short periods at a time.

They will not tolerate being being left out of the household and like to be thought of as part of the family.

They are “quiet” cats

Burmese cats are not vocal. They are classified as a quiet voiced cat that is good with seniors, children and other pets.

They are less vocal than Siamese cats.

They have a calm friendly temperament

They are calm friendly intelligent and adaptable.

How old do Burmese cats live?

Burmese cats have good longevity and good mothering ability.