Chartreux Cats: Dog-like, Intelligent, Blue-gray, Gold Eyes

Uncover the charm, warmth, and cuddly companionship these Chartreux cats bring into your life. Dat lovers

Chartreux Cats

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Physical Characteristics


Female 7-10 (3.5-4.5), male 10-17 lb (4.5-7.5 kg)


Short-medium length double haircoat is dense and soft, with a plush, wooly standoff texture. Naturally water repellant, the coat can take up to five years to fully develop.

It is light to dark blue-gray (ash to slate) in color, with silver tipping. Ghost barring may be seen in kittens, and tail rings may be seen in juvenile cats up to 24 months of age.


Rounded large eyes are copper to gold in color. A vivid orange hue is favored.

Points of Conformation

Their rounded broad heads have full cheeks and well developed jaws. They possess a medium-short straight nose with a slight break. Ears are high set and medium sized, with minimal furnishings and rounded tips. This is a medium sized cat, less heavy in constitution than the Blue British Shorthair.

They possess a short neck, deep chest, broad shoulders, short limbs with fairly fine leg bones; paws are small and round. Tail is fairly short, thick and tapers to a rounded tip.

Breed Characteristics