Do Affenpinschers Like Water.. Can They Swim?

By Abigail Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do Affenpinschers like water? Can Affenpinschers swim?

Do Affenpinschers Like Water

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Can Affenpinschers swim?

Although the Affenpinscher can swim, it is not a water-loving terrier, such as say the Airedale Terrier. Swimming is excellent exercise for all dogs, but Affens do not require a great deal of physical activity. Your Affen will easily get sufficient physical exercise within the confines of your home.

That said, Affens are excellent swimmers and have a tendency to use their front paws like hands, even when swimming. They enjoy games that require dexterity of forelimbs. This breed is particularly fond of exercising himself by tossing and chasing toys.

Vigorous 30-minute daily runs will go a long way in containing the terrier-like high-energy of Affenpinschers. A brisk morning and evening walk plus playtime in between will keep most Affenpinschers happy.

An Affen puppy could use a swim because even if they seem like they can play all day and night without tiring you shouldn’t overdo their exercise with stressful jumping games. A puppy’s frame is delicate and too much exercise in the first six to nine months can cause injury to their bone structure, ligaments and musculature.

How often should you bath Affenpinschers?

Like most dogs, Affenpinschers do not naturally enjoy baths.

If groomed and tidied up regularly, an Affen will only need the occasional bath for healthy skin and a healthy, shiny coat. Grooming the Affenpinschers takes some skill. A proper full-body bath is seldom required if the entire body is brushed regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt or anything stuck to the coat.

No matter how well behaved your Affen, bathing them won’t be easy, but nothing can substitute for a good warm bath. A monthly bath may be all that’s needed to keep your Affen clean.

There is a reason Affenpinschers are known as monkey dogs—they have a bright and extremely stubborn personality.

Training them to enjoy something they aren’t naturally inclined to is always a challenge but patience and consistency it can be accomplished. They learn easily when they focus but often need to be reminded who is in charge.

It is recommended that these dogs attend puppy training classes for socialization and basic obedience training. It is suggested that obedience training start earlier than many other breeds. Keep in mind that they may cooperate with training or they may not!