Balinese Cats

Do Balinese Cats Meow a Lot... Are They Vocal?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do balinese cats meow a lot? Are balinese cats vocal?

Do Balinese Cats Meow a Lot

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Are Balinese cats vocal… are they loud?

Balinese cats are vocal, loud-voiced, cats compared to almost all other cat breeds. Compared to Siamese cats, Balinese cats are slightly softer-voiced but more attention-seeking with a strong streak of mischief — Balinese cat owners are would be well advised not to leave this breed to its own devices for long periods.

Even though there are behavioral differences among individuals cats within a given breed, vocalization is often classified as the highest predictive value behavioral trait between breeds.

Predictive value means that if you select a kitten to be least or most vocal as an adult using a behavioural trait, such as say vocalization, your selection should be accurate.

A loud-voiced cat, as an adult, will be naturally more talkative than other cats with regard to frequency and intensity of vocalizations.

How loud are Balinese cats?

Balinese are attention-seeking but often less vocal, a bit softer voiced, and a bit less active than the Siamese cats. Some individuals, however, can be as loud and vocal as Siamese cats — most people know that the Siamese is the loudest and most talkative cat breed.

Compared to most other cat breed, you can be sure that this breed will be pretty vocal and even though they might not be as loud as the Siamese, you can be certain they’ll let you know when they are around.

In contrast, the quietest cat breeds, on the other side of the vocalization spectrum, would be the Persian, the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll.

Do Balinese cats meow differently?

Not particularly but Balinese cats are more talkative that most other cat breeds with regard to frequency and intensity of vocalizations.

A few other things to keep in mind are that there may be gender differences. Males and females might have different vocalizations but these shouldn’t vary wildly.

Are Balinese cats good pets?

However much looks appeal to you, you should consider a breed’s personality and needs before coming to a decision.

Balinese cats are highly intelligent, and friendly and highly social but sometimes aloof. They need plenty of human contact and attention and may follow their favorite people around the house.

They are curious and playful but are a bit less active than the Siamese. They love being up high — climbing trees or perches is important to these athletic cats although they are not suited to an outdoor lifestyle. But they are also content being lap cats in between bursts of activity.

Balinese cats are good with children and dogs and may even curl up and sleep with a favored dog, sometimes even letting themselves be groomed by that dog. If left alone, they will greatly benefit from another pet in the house — cat or dog. The Balinese should not be left to its own devices over long periods as it has a strong streak of mischief.

Another thing to watch out of is feeding patterns. You need to watch the Balinese’s calorie intake as it can become obese much more easily than other cat breeds.