Bombay Cats

Do Bombay Cats Meow a Lot?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do Bombay cats meow a lot?

Do Bombay Cats Meow a Lot?

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How do I know if my cat is a Bombay?

Bombays are quite similar to Burmese cats but they have a very high gloss jet black close-lying short single haircoat. The coat is often described as having a patent leather sheen. They are a bit heavier than Burmese, the have longer limbs, and they are more muscular with a surprising weight for their size.

They have large round golden to copper eyes, other acceptable eye colors outside the US are yellow and green (the greater the depth and brilliance the better). The eyes are set far apart with rounded apertures.

Ears are medium in size, set well apart on a rounded skull with broad bases, slightly rounded tips and they tilt forward slightly. The rounded head is proportionately larger and both head and body longer due to the American Shorthair influence. The muzzle is short-medium and the whisker pads are prominent.

The tail is fine, moderate in length and tapers. It is straight and is neither short nor whippy.

Nose and pad leather is black. Legs are proportional to the body and tail. Paws are round, toes are five in front and four in the back.

Bombays develop slowly, gaining their eye color and gleaming coat well after they are four months old. Kittens look rather ordinary and may not even be fully black but their coat darkens and sleekens with age.

They are medium-sized cats, well-balanced, friendly, alert and outgoing cats.