Burmese Cats

Do Burmese Cats Meow a Lot... Are They Vocal?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do Burmese cats meow a lot? Are Burmese cats vocal?

Do Burmese Cats Meow a Lot

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Are Burmese cats vocal?

Burmese cats are not particularly vocal, they are considered a quiet voiced cat. They have a characteristic raspy voice that sounds a bit like a cat going hoarse from too much talking.

Breeders have reported a few temperamental differences between males and females.

Although spayed females remain deeply emotionally involved with their human companions, neutered males are wholly devoted to their human companions too but are a bit more moderate in temperament.

Why does my Burmese cat keep meowing?

Burmese cats are a very determined breed with a very strong will. If a Burmese cat has something they want to express they will repeatedly meow until you take care of whatever is troubling them.

They love attention and they love particularly love getting attention by entertaining their favorite human by performing daring leaps. If their antics go unnoticed, they will hop down and fix you with their infamous unflinching stare to demand your attention.

Even spayed females are deeply affectionate with their favorite human. Neutered males are, however, a bit more moderate in temperament.

Generally, Burmese are amusing, playful, and intelligent. They make excellent interactive cats for your home and they love performing animated antics for your amusement and their. This full-spirited playfulness make them some of the most entertaining cat’s you can have.

What type of cats Meow the most?

Most people know that Siamese cats are the most outspoken of cat breeds. The quietest are the Persian, Main Coon and Ragdoll.

Some recognized cat breeds that are more vocal than Burmese cats include (least to most vocal)

  1. Burmese
  2. Bengal
  3. Abyssinian
  4. Tonkinese
  5. Oriental
  6. Siamese

Are Burmese good indoor cats?

Burmese cats are not suited for an outdoor lifestyle.

Cats naturally enjoy exploring the great outdoors but some face more dangers than others there.

Some of the common dangers include:

  • Speeding cars
  • Parasites and infectious diseases
  • Predators, including other cats

The general consensus is that indoor cats healthier and live longer than their outdoor friends, but require regular play sessions.

The Burmese is a particularly playful breed. In fact, some owners argue that Burmese cats never grow up — they are as entertaining at 16 weeks as they are at 16 years. Burmese cats are particularly fond of perfoming animated antics for your amusement.

This high-spirited playfulness means that you need to set aside regular and adequate play sessions.

Most Burmese cats enjoy playing fetch or hide and seek (they hide, you seek). Besides, you can still give your cat the outdoor experience without the dangers by consulting a cat run.

Do Burmese cats like to be held?

Yes. Burmese cats are excellent lap or shoulder cats. They thrive on human companionship and they love warm places and being held.

Even though Burmese cats are very playful throughout their lives, they can be very placid when not performing antics. They like to lounge about, usually on top of what you’re doing. They also tend to follow you around the house — that is why they are sometimes referred to as “Velcro” cats.

Though uncommon, a few individuals have a strong personality.