Chow Chows

Do Chow Chows Get Along with Other Dogs?

By Hollie Cartwright on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do Chow Chows get along with other dogs?

Do Chow Chows Get Along with Other Dogs

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Do chow chows get along with other dogs

Chows are independent and territorial in nature this makes it hard for them to associate well with other dogs or cats if they are not used to.

Chow chow is among an ancient breed known to have originated from China. For over the 2000 years it is known to have existed alongside man and the dog was used as a guard dog for emperors and merchants. It therefore helped man ward off any animals that were to bring disturbances to their homes.

Why they may not get along with other dogs

Mostly these days chows are kept more of pets than the traditional guards but they still retain their previous vigilance and lack of trust when it comes to other animals and strangers.

There are a number of reasons that chow chows may not get along with other dogs, some of them include:


Chow chows like other dogs are very territorial in nature and they lean on the dominant sides and can therefore get aggresive if other unknown dogs are introduced in their territories or habitats.

Their territories is where they can enjoy comfort and they don’t prefer any other dog disturbing they peace and this may lead them to aggression to the other dogs if their territories are invaded.


If your chow chow sees another dog and feels threatened , it may get nervous and the primal instincts kick in making your dog to go on the defensive and become aggresive to the other dog.

Social threat

When you are used to giving your chow chow alot of love and affection and in turn you treat other dogs well your chow chow may see this is as an a attack on its status or social threat.

This may cause an aggression between the two dogs.

Aggressive nature display

Your chow chow may be good in the household with your dogs but in order to showcase its power he/she may tend to displaying aggression to other dogs for this reason.

Reacting to your anxiety

Chow chows like other dogs can read through the mood you set out, therefore when you see another dog and anticipate a fight erupting between the two, the chow chow will get the sense that there is a reason to wary of the other dog and react aggressively.

Possessive items

If your chow chow sees a another dog with something highly desirable such as a toy , treat or object which the dog is familiar with, it may want it and even become aggresive enough to fight for it.

How to make chow chows get along with other dogs

Socialization when they are still puppies

This is very effective.As puppies chow chows experience of the world and their view will be based on their early years as they develop.

This is the perfect time to get them enganging with other dogs as they grow old they become accustomed to coming into contact with different dogs and this will greatly reduced their aggression if any as which would have occurred without the exposure.

Introduce them in neutral ground

As we discussed earlier territorial habits of chow chows as many other dogs arises from having an area or space they are fond of as there own. As other dogs come and occupy this place of comfort this leads to the repulsion by them aganist their foreign invader.

When therefore they meet other dogs it is better for them to be in a new environment, neither their’s nor the other dogs’ a neutral area such as a dog park or anywhere else.

Here with this setting they can get the opportunity to better engage with one another.

If they do get along you can now try to introduce the outside dog into your homestead whereby it is recomended for your chow to enter first followed by the other dog.

There they will not feel invaded but more so welcoming the other dogs.

Introduce them properly

First time impression is also very important to dogs. How they perceive each others attitude from the beginning will play a huge role in how they will be engaging in the long run.

When they meet in the neutral ground for the first time give them time to sniff each other out, as they may try to establish dominance among themselves you should be able to observe that this doesn’t escalate to conflict.

Even with this first interaction it is important that you are calm through this as your dogs can sense your anxiety and may end up making things worse.

Also you may keep them on leash and continuously calm them if they are too anxious of each other.

A good first introduction is the best basis for chows to get along with other dogs.

Dog walks

If you are in a position where the chow chow are fighting or being aggresive to the other dog then it is better to give them walks.

As dogs move together they get the sense of unison as they head towards some place. This divergence from paying attention at each other and fighting to enjoying a walk together does help in dogs getting along.

Positive reinforcement

You can device a technic of positive reinforcement to your chow chows which awards good behavior which can be used for this case of interaction with other dogs.

If you give your chow chow treats for their good behavior then they will learn that it is the best thing to do while they interact with other dogs.

As they continue to associate with the positive reinforcement the enemity decreases as they view it unnecessary as compared to the reward for good behavior.

Taking charge (being the leader)

Chows like other dogs believe in hierachy whereby they follow the one in command. They do believe in dominance and in a case where there are conflicts with other dogs taking charge is the best way to go. If you were to leave this chance open they will fight for control and may end up chasing other unwelcomed dogs or constantly fighting for dominance.

But if your in command then having and displaying the authority through commands which they recognize will help control the situation.

But for this to occur each and every dog must have prior respect for your authority in order to obey your commands.