Somali Cats

Do Somali Cats Shed a Lot?

By Jack Bodeley on Jan 4, 2024 Reviewed by Mick Ford

Do Somali Cats shed a lot?

Do Somali Cats Shed a Lot

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How much do Somali cats shed?

Somali cats are not heavy shedders. They have low grooming requirements. Shedding occurs during spring and fall, at which time daily grooming is required. The rest of the year, a gentle brushing every other day will suffice.

How can you tell if a cat is Somali?

The Somali cat is a medium to large cat that’s well proportioned with firm muscular development, lithe, alert and shows lively interest in all surroundings.


Ruddy, a rich golden brown sometimes referred to as burnt sienna, is the usual coat color but blue, fawn and sorrel are also accepted. The Somali has a medium-length double-coat whose texture is very soft to the touch, extremely fine. A slightly shorter coat length is permitted over the shoulders.

The coat’s ticking is distinct and even, with dark colored bands contrasting with lighter ones on hair shafts.


Female 8-10 lb (3.5-4.5 kg) and male 10-12 lb (4.5-5.5 k.g)


Torso is of medium length, long and lithe, semi-foreign build and showing good muscular development. Back is slightly arched giving the appearance of a feline about to spring. The back is also long. “Fox-like” is a frequent descriptor.

Head as a slightly rounded wedge shape with a slight rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Chin is full with a rounded appearance, and the muzzle is not sharply pointed.


Ears are large, alert, moderately pointy and cupped at the base. They are set high on a line towards the rear of the skull. Inner ears have horizontal tufts.


Eyes are large, almond shaped, slanting, brilliant, expressive and are accented by dark lid skin encircled by light colored area. Eye colors are hazel, gold (amber colored) or green. The large eyes are placed wide set and set well back with interior furnishings and slightly rounded tips.

Legs and paws

Proportional legs, feet are oval and compact. Five toes in front four at the back. Toe tufts are present.


Length of tail in balance with torso. Tail has a full brush, is thick at the base and is slightly tapering.